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Book Closure
Company Name From Date To Date Purpose
   Commercial Synbags 15-Sep-07 22-Sep-07   A.G.M. 
   Shree RamaMulti-Tech 02-Jan-19 09-Jan-19   E.G.M. 
   Petron Engg Constn. 25-Dec-18 31-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Interlink Petroleum 25-Dec-18 31-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Supreme Infra. India 24-Dec-18 31-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Dolphin Medical Serv 24-Dec-18 29-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Starlog Enterprises 24-Dec-18 31-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Neha International 24-Dec-18 30-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Panyam Cement&Minera 24-Dec-18 31-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Golden Tobacco 24-Dec-18 27-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Alora Trading 23-Dec-18 29-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Mount Shivalik Inds. 23-Dec-18 29-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   RCL Retail 22-Dec-18 29-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Mandhana Industries 22-Dec-18 28-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   The Investment Trust 21-Dec-18 26-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Alok Inds 21-Dec-18 27-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Jagatjit Inds. 21-Dec-18 27-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Assam Company India 21-Dec-18 27-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
   Amrapali Cap. & Fin 20-Dec-18 26-Dec-18   E.G.M. 
   Encore Software 20-Dec-18 20-Dec-18   A.G.M. 
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